I strive to provide a highly emotional experience through groove, energy, and music!

I am a professional session drummer and drum teacher for hire in London, United Kingdom as well as in Vienna, Austria. Being a drum pro means to me following my vision of providing highly emotional experiences through groove, energy, and music! Further pillars of performance are a deep technical understanding and the provision of a solid foundation in terms of saturated sound and relentless timekeeping.




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„I totally like his drumming! It’s somehow special! There is a certain edginess to his style which makes him a great choice for many contemporary production styles from classic rock to freaky electronica. David combines a hard-hitting performance with a great ear for delicate details, if that apparent contradiction makes any sense to you. In short, he is an awesome dude!“ Maximilian Schnutt

Audio & Recording Engineer, Sound Designer, Mix Engineer, Composer & Remixer, On Location Sound Recordist, Lecturer in Music Production

“Recording with David was very professional and great fun, also very relaxing for me since David already knew my arrangements better than myself, and my music came to life.“ Thomas Poetz

Producer, Studio Rot

„Whether it was latin rhythms, cyberpunk rhythms, 70s disco, hard-hitting alternative rock, tempo changing prog-rock, and songs with structural complexity, there wasn’t a single thing I threw at him that he wasn’t able to play very competently. His feel seems very natural and clearly enables him to put a satisfying personal slant on anything he works on.“ Hani


“Man, you played great tonight. That second song feel was deep. More weight without volume than anyone else tonight I thought. Awesome.” Robert Violett



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